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Running the 10km & 21km

We are excited about you taking part in Brookfield Properties Powai Virtual Run 2022 and we are looking forward to seeing your wholehearted participation!
Please go through the instructions carefully.
1.) You have to run the distance as per the registration made. For leader board purpose, we will scale down the distance to the nearest milestone based on your overall pace in case you are running a distance greater than your registered distance. The milestones are 10KM, 21KM.
Sample calculation: If a runner completes 21.5 KM in 01:55:35, On the leader board, it will show 21 KM in 01:52:54.
*The scale down is only for the leader board and certificate purpose.

2.) Kindly run at a safe place following all the Covid protocols. When you go outdoors for the run, but make sure you adhere to all the guidelines issued by the local authorities and maintain proper social distancing.

3.) You have to complete the chosen distance in one go, not in breaks and in a single day, any day between 19th  June 00:00 am to 26th June 23:55 pm. You can run anytime at your convenience.

4.) Please note: - If you are running a lesser distance chosen by you, it will lead to disqualification.
E.g., If you choose to run 10 KM, but if you are have covered only 9.9 kms and upload that data it will lead to disqualification, so please make sure you are running the distance chosen only.

5.) You must have received a ticket confirmation mail with an Upload Link under the button 'Upload Your Activity Data' on which you have to upload your run data as soon as you finish the run.
6.) We have made a small video showcasing How to Upload Your Running Data. Please go through the video once before submitting your data.

7.) You can search Your Ticket Confirmation Mail Using the Subject Line: - Your Registration and Run Data Upload Link for Powai Virtual Run 2022

8.) How to Upload Your Run Data: -

9.) You can click on the button Upload Your Activity Data in your ticket confirmation mail and it will open up the Upload Page where you need to upload your run details.
10.) You can upload your run data till 28th June latest at 10:00 AM. Upload Link will start collecting responses from the 19th June 05:00 AM till 28st June 10:00 AM only, post that no more data will be accepted.

11.) You can record your run via using mobile run tracking apps like Strava, Nike Run Club, Map My Run, Run keeper or any other app or wearable device. etc.
12.) While taking the screenshot of the app please make sure that the distance and duration of the run are clearly visible. The screenshot showing no. of steps taken will not be valid. We are also attaching the sample screenshot and guidelines related to it.

13.) You will be allowed to submit the data only once oncesubmitted it cannot be changed, so please make sure you are uploading the correct screenshot.
14.) Leader board link and the E-certificates will be made available to you 7 days after the successful verification of your run data. Will keep you posted on that.
15.) Data sent by mail or through any other medium will not be accepted in any circumstances. If you are facing any issues while uploading you can reach out to with your 7 Digit Booking ID. We will be here to assist you.
16.) Share your achievement on your social media handles and don't forget to tag @powairunofficial
Stay Safe!!
We're in this together
Keep Running!!
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