About RCML

Pride of Rotary 3141

Rotary Club Mumbai Lakers aka RCML was formed in the year 2009, soon after the unforgettable terrorist attacks in Mumbai. What started as a coming together of a handful of like minded friends to work towards a better tomorrow, has blossomed into a vibrant club of 50+ members, who together make a formidable team.

From 2009 till date, the club has grown from strength to strength, taking up challenged of doing projects that would need a lot of time and money. Every member has in their own way worked on fund raising and/or projects to make the club one of the most coveted clubs in its district.

Several projects like Touching Little Hearts - a program dedicated to surgeries of blue babies (babies with heart problems), VIDYASHA - empowerment of the girl child, BHAVISHYAYAAN, Vocational training at our Rotary Centre, Village Electrifications, Building of Check Dams in the parched areas, building of toilets in slums, and many more have been undertaken successfully by RCML over the years. Please do visit www.rotary.lakers.org/projects.php for an insight into our world!

We at RCML believe that no matter how much we do for the lesser privileged children of God, it will never be enough.
It is probably because of this thought that we take up as many projects as we can, and needs to say that this needs a lot of money. RCML was the first Rotary Club to start a marathon as a fund raiser, way back in 2012. Apart from this, there is an annual Shoe Sale and an Annual Page 3 worthy Party called Mango Dolly Night. Profits from these go towards the funding of the various projects.

Needless to say, all our efforts would fall flat if it was not for patrons like you, so do keep the faith and continue supporting us in spreading smiles!!